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Chiropractic Services in Hyde Park, New York

Achieve optimal health without the use of medicine when we adjust your back. Exelbert Chiropractic in Hyde Park, New York, specializes in maintaining your overall wellness with professional chiropractic services. At our office, you can expect to receive complete chiropractic care.

Keeping You Well Adjusted
Our mission is to ensure you and your family are healthy and pain free. Don't accept sickness and soreness as a natural part of life when we can do something about it. We specialize in helping with acute and chronic conditions, as well as sports injuries. Whether you need a simple spinal adjustment or more extensive procedures, we can help.

Our Services Include:

 • Chiropractic Spinal Adjustment
 • Physical Therapy
 • Exercise Rehabilitation
• Flexion Decompression

• Distraction Decompression

Backing You Up with Care
We pride ourselves on always going the extra mile for you. Whether you have health concerns or insurance needs, we are well-known in the community for our compassionate and healing atmosphere. Our licensed chiropractor strives to provide excellent services along with important exercise and nutritional guidance.

Contact us to make your lower back feel better with a spinal decompression.